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  • Claire Sosna-Bowd

Official Supporter: NSSLGlobal

It is imperative I have the right equipment on Everest. There is so much kit to consider and something that will be crucial for our Everest expedition is communications technology.

I am delighted to be partnering with NSSLGlobal, a leading independent provider of satellite communications and IT solutions, who will be providing all of our satellite comms and trackers to ensure the team’s safety on the mountain. After the challenging weather conditions we faced on Himlung last year, this communication technology will be our lifeline.

Thank you NSSLGlobal for your support in this area of our climb. I am so thankful to know my team will have this added level of safety with them on this expedition. Climbing Everest is dangerous. There are many treacherous parts of the route up and down. Knowing we have good communication between us as a team is hugely important and being able to have communication with our extended team at base camp and off the mountain is a huge support.

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