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  • Claire Sosna-Bowd

A Million Thank You's

Every day it is still sinking in, that we did it! We created history! We achieved something monumental and proved having a disability does not limit your ability.

As I stood victorious atop the world’s tallest mountain, as the first ever double above-knee amputee to climb Mt Everest, I felt an overwhelming sense of gratitude to all the wonderful organisations and individuals out there who believed in my vision and in me to achieve this.

Without your support, this historic moment wouldn’t have been possible. Sadly, with the terrible weather conditions I faced, I wasn’t able to hold the summit flag I had carried up with me at the top of Mt Everest, so here is a photo from my Mera Peak Summit with my expedition leader and close friend @kristhapaa.

The design was created to show both my Nepalese heritage and my service to the UK as a Gurkha and includes the names of those who supported me through my Corporate and Public Summit Clubs. Beyond these organisations and individuals, I am hugely grateful to the 100’s of other individuals who have given a donation via my Crowdfunder.

Thank you everyone for the part you have played in this journey. We have made huge leaps forward in changing perceptions around disability. This is just the first step.

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