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  • Claire Sosna-Bowd

Official Supporter: NAR

When I lost my legs to the IED explosion in Afghanistan, I honestly thought that was it, my life was over. The sound of the blast was so loud ringing in my ears, my body in shock and the pain insurmountable. I owe my return to safety down to my incredible colleagues and the crew of medics who used med kits from North American Rescue (NAR), when saving my life.

NAR provides high-quality survival outdoor kit and equipment and mission critical medical product for the military and other world adventurers out there, keeping countless others safe.

I will be forever grateful to the America Special Forces Medics who brought me to safety, enabling me to have a second chance at life. And, I am continually grateful and honoured that North American Rescue who played a part in saving my life are with me on this Everest climb. Thank you

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