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  • Claire Sosna-Bowd

Official Supporter: Leki

Not having legs means I use my upper body a lot more when I am climbing. In some instances my hands are essentially my feet and they spend more time in the snow and ice than any other part of my body. So, I need to be sure they stay warm and dry.

To keep them in optimal condition, I am using Leki gloves. Not only do they keep my hands warm and dry but they have the trigger 3D system attaching them to my Leki poles, which helps ensure better power transfer through my arms when moving through deep snow.

For me, walking in soft snow is challenging. I have no knees so my leg movement is all from the hip in a sideways rotation. Having a pair of walking poles enables me to propel myself through the snow using my upper body strength to lift me higher than the soft snow.

Thank you Leki for being a part of my journey to and on Everest.

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