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  • Claire Sosna-Bowd

Official Supporter: Higher Peak

We’ve been at the high camp on Mera and are currently acclimatising at 6,400m for a couple of nights. Climbing at altitude is not easy. And, I have previously experienced the hard way, suffering the challenging effects of high altitude and low levels of oxygen on a mountain.

Being physically fit and a good climber sadly doesn’t reduce the risk of getting altitude sickness. Instead, you need to allow your body to adjust and acclimatise to the new high altitude.

I partnered with Higher Peak to prepare my body for this expedition. For two months, I used one of its simulated altitude training systems (a Mountain Air Generator). This is a portable device that created a high altitude environment in my own home, using only air and electricity to produce a stream of clean, low oxygen air.

Preparation is key to minimising potential pitfalls that we could face on the mountain and alleviating altitude sickness will go a long way to making the expedition a smoother process.

Thank you Higher Peak for your technical support.

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