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  • Claire Sosna-Bowd

Official Supporter: Gurkha Beer

Being a Gurkha is ingrained in my blood. The rigorous selection process is one of the toughest of any Army in the world. There are around 20,000 Gurkha candidates that compete each year for just 200 places in the British Army, so being a Gurkha is a true honour to behold.

Gurkhas have been an integral part of the British Army more than 208 years, and this is why I am thrilled that Gurkha Beer is partnering with me on my impending Everest climb.

Its brewery uses only the highest quality ingredients, putting them through cold suspension brewing and a triple filtration process to create the perfect bottle of beer.

If you’ve never tried it, please take a moment to try something new and have a taste of Nepal.

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