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  • Claire Sosna-Bowd

Official Supporter: Dell Technologies

Welcome to our office with a view.

Every partner supporting me on this expedition is intrinsic to its success. Dell Technologies has provided both financial support and Lati 7230 Rugged Extreme tablets and keyboards for myself and my team.

Climbing Everest means I need high performing military grade kit that can withstand the most strenuous circumstances, and this rugged laptop is just that. It's been drop tested from 4ft and temperature-tested down to -29C, is IP-65 rated for exceptional protection against dust, dirt and water ingress and has up to 20 hours battery life.

Having this on the mountain, with its 5G & WiFi 6E compatibility, is important. It is helping us communicate with our Sat Comms, and enabling us to share video footage and imagery, which is vital in my work to change perceptions on disability and raise money for the five amazing charities I am supporting (

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