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  • Claire Sosna-Bowd

Nepal Here I Come

It’s been a long wait (more than 5 years) to come this far. It's definitely tested me in many ways. I didn’t expect to wait this long but that’s the way the life is. I had to put many things aside to do this which I think is truly worth it.

We have climbed the legal mountain, so people with disabilities are able to climb mountains, we are about to summit our fundraising mountain, I’m confident that we will definitely summit. Now it’s time to climb the tallest mountain in the world (Mt. Everest). And, there’s an another mountain that I will be climbing for the rest of my life, which is disability awareness. This is just one of the check points that I want to go through along this journey.

I am overwhelmed by the support that I have received. I truly appreciate all your kindness, generosity, time, commitment and dedication for Conquering Dreams Mt. Everest project. I wouldn’t have come this far without each one of your help and support. I have done my training and prepared as best I could, I feel strong and positive. I won’t be able to pay your debt but I will do everything I can do to make you proud.

I still need your help and support, this time I would like to appeal my Sherpa brothers-sisters, Nepali brothers-sisters and climbing brothers-sisters for your help and support on and off the mountain. This time is to create history, make Nepal and Nepali proud, show true sprit of Gurkhas and Nepali and inspire others to climb their own mountains.

Through this climb, I would like to give courage to others to climb their own mountain whatever mountain they have and follow their dreams. We can achieve anything if we have positive attitude and right mindset and adapt our life according to time and situation.

Life is all about adaptation and nothing is impossible. Life should not be limiting.

I have got my permit, let’s go!

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