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  • Claire Sosna-Bowd

Finding my Confidence

I was fortunate after losing my legs to be connected with Pilgrim Bandits, a special forces charity that offers both physical and mental support to injured military or Emergency Services personnel and pushes them to break their own boundaries through adventure.

The charity helped me embrace life again and provided great reassurance and belief during my rehabilitation. They encouraged me and so many others into physically and mentally demanding situations, such as kayaking extraordinary distances, jumping from aircrafts, running race, or trekking across inhospitable terrain. And, it was through Pilgrim Bandits that I skydived over Everest.

I am privileged to have received their support over the last ten years and thrilled to have a group from Pilgrim Bandits join me on the trek to basecamp at the start of my Everest expedition.

Thank you Pilgrim Bandits for re-instilling my self-belief, for the opportunity to help and inspire others in a similar situation and for your continued support.

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