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  • Claire Sosna-Bowd

Embrace Life's Challenges

Challenges propel you forward. They encourage you to be brave and push yourself outside of your comfort zone. Whatever you are doing at the moment, there will have no doubt been a previous challenge that you had to overcome. Recognise that and congratulate yourself for conquering it.

And, whatever you are currently utilising in your life, someone, somewhere challenged themselves to create it, invested their time and hard earned money to bring it to market; and we should all feel privileged to have the benefit of using it today.

Currently, myself and my team are researching, developing and innovating the climbing equipment and technologies that we are using to summit Everest. I hope through this expedition, we’ll inspire future generations to face their own personal challenges but also help enable them to fulfil them using these innovations.

📸 Abiral Rai

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