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  • Claire Sosna-Bowd

Acclimatisation Training with HST Adventures

Over the last two weeks, myself, my climb leader Krish Thapa and climb team have been acclimatising our bodies in preparation for our impending Everest expedition. We’ve been completing some final training at altitude and this week we summited Mera Peak at 6,476m, which was amazing.

We are now at Everest base camp and will be here until we begin our climb anytime from 25th April, depending on a suitable weather window.

My expedition would not be possible without the support from my climbing brother Krish and his team at HST Adventures, who are managing the expedition logistics of the climb. Knowledge is power and they know Everest. Their skill and insight into the climb route is paramount. They have planned the ability to be flexible should we need additional camps, and have worked with me all the way to this point. They are not a company but a band of brothers and sisters.

Krish is an extraordinary man, who combines both stealth and spirituality in one. His ability to navigate exceptionally tricky conditions and terrain, while focussing the mind to find inner strength, really is something to behold.

I am very happy to be his climbing brother once more.

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