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  • Hari Budha Maghar


DATE: Sept 2022

It determines our successes and our failures.

My mindset was completely shattered in 2010 after losing both of my legs. I was in a bad place and I turned to drink to help me deal with the trauma. But, with the help of many wonderful friends, family and supportive charities I managed to find a purpose for my life – to inspire others and help change perceptions.

I managed to change my mindset and focus on my goal - to help positively transform the way people with a disability are perceived, and how we perceive ourselves. And so my journey began.

I started climbing and went from an injured war veteran to a record breaking mountaineer.

Next year, I hope to become the world’s first double-above-the-knee amputee to conquer Everest.

My mindset since focussing on my purpose has never faltered. Preparation is key and so my journey continues as I start my climb up Himlung Himal in Nepal. My final big training moment before Mount Everest next year.

Having a disability does not have to be life limiting, whatever is thrown at you, you can live life to the full.

But, I believe changing this perception will be a bigger battle than climbing Everest!

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