Most people have a dream. For the majority, it stays a dream, it never comes true, only a few actually make it a reality. That’s where Conquering Dreams comes in. Conquering Dreams is the journey of Hari Budha Magar, as he achieves his dreams one by one, inspiring others despite the odds. Conquering Dreams is also for everyone who has a dream. Whatever life has thrown at you, whatever hurdles you face, you can achieve more than you think, you can conquer your dreams, because Nothing is Impossible. 

Hari never thought he would be able to join the British Gurkhas. His father told him he wouldn’t get in as it would be too difficult, he even suggested that Hari join the Indian Gurkhas or the Nepalese Army instead. Hari was one of only 230 successful applicants to join the Gurkhas in the British Army in 1999, over 10,000 applied. 

Hari has conquered more dreams than he ever thought possible. Impossible is not a word in his dictionary. As a child, Hari couldn’t afford to buy slippers, shoes, or pen and paper, he walked to school barefoot and learnt to write on a wooden plank with chalk stone. Now, he has built a real-estate business in the UK and has invested in many companies. He swims faster and has climbed higher mountains than when he had legs. Having achieved all that, most of us would be happy to sit back and relax, but not Hari, he’s not finished yet . . . . .

This is the inspiring journey of Hari Budha Magar. 

conquering dreams-everest expedititon 2023


Hari’s ultimate dream is to conquer Mount Everest without his legs, a feat that has never even been attempted to date. 

Hari hopes to accomplish three things with this journey:

1. Inspire as many people as possible to conquer their own dreams and to lead more fulfilling lives.

2. Raise awareness of disabilities and change the narrative surrounding them.

3. Conquer his childhood dream of summiting Mount Everest, the tallest mountain in the world, and create history.


CONQUERING DREAMS Everest expedition will take place in spring 2023.  


Since Hari was young, he has dreamed of summiting the world’s tallest mountain. It’s not a straightforward dream to realise though, in order to climb Everest you need time, money and other factors to go your way.

Losing both of his legs didn’t put Hari off. In fact, his life-changing injury made his desire to climb even greater. He wants to show everyone that if we adapt, then we can achieve anything; life is constantly changing, so we need to always be adapting. No matter how hard life tries to knock you down, you can get back up and achieve the things you want to achieve. 

Hari hopes his challenge will raise awareness of disabilities around the world, honour fallen comrades who didn’t return home, make those who saved his life proud, and inspire others to chase their dreams. He is determined to show what resilience, human endeavour, courage, and the power of a positive mindset can achieve; he will prove that anything is possible

In making the attempt, Hari will carry all amputees, people with disabilities, and veterans with him, along with their families and loved ones. This unlikely climb will be for all of us. For everyone facing adversity or struggling to fight their fears, anyone that needs the motivation and inspiration to move forward in their life.  Anyone that wants to conquer their dreams.


Hari will climb Everest via the South Col route from Nepal. The route weaves through the treacherous Khumbu Ice Fall to the Western Cwm, before heading up the imposing wall of ice that is the Lhotse Face. He will then trek across the Yellow Band and the Geneva Spur to the South Col. The South Col is the site of Camp IV, from which Hari will make his summit bid (8,848m/29,029ft). His final push will take him via the Balcony, South Summit and the famous Hillary Step. The round trip to the summit from the South Col can take up to 18 hours for an average person. The expedition has planned two extra camps for their ascent, if they are needed.

Hari uses three times more energy than the average climber, and this journey will take him three times as long. This means Hari needs triple the amount of funding. Cutting-edge equipment and technology is important, but they are merely the physical foundations. This expedition is not just the ultimate challenge for Hari, it’s also a true test of human limits, both physical and mental. Hari’s summit will not only be a massive achievement for him, but for all of humankind. 


This expedition will be led by Krishna Thapa from HST Adventures. Krishna is one of the most experienced and world-renowned climbers. Krishna has led multiple successful Everest expeditions, along with K2, Dhaulagiri and Manaslu and many others. He was a chief mountaineering instructor for UKSF at Hereford, and led the famous Gurkha Expedition in 2017. 

Hari and Krishna have been training together since 2016 and Krishna has led all of Hari’s record-breaking expeditions to date. The rest of the team consists of UK and US veterans along with some of the most experienced Sherpas in the world.

President: Tom Hardy, CBE (Actor & Producer)



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